SOTA Atlas

Do you remember those atlas that contained information about the world we lived in?

Manuel, HB9DQM, has just published a website named SOTLAS (Sota atlas) that contains important information for SOTA activators and chasers. 🙂

Take a look at

Well done Manuel!


Activation CT/ES-004, Monte Manique, 27JAN2019, AM

Activation with CT7ABE, João Fragoso.

Meteo ok, no rain, North wind… The wind child drop the temp to 7C, aprox.

First QSO with SA4BLM, at 09h15.

The surprise of the day happened when John, ZL1BYZ, ansererd my calls, at 09h21! 🙂

15 QSOs. (9/20m, 6/40m). 40m was noisy at beginning due a contest….

TKS chasers!

Some photos:

CT/BA-003, CT/BA-012, CT/BL-004 – 13JAN2019

Galeria de imagens no final

No último Domingo, 13Jan2019, activei CT/BA-003, S. Macário, CT/BA-012, Candal e CT/BL-004, Serra da Freita (por esta ordem).

CT/BA-003 – S. Macário.

Primeiro QSO foi às 0759 e o último às 0844 (14 QSOs).

Quando parei o carro junto à base de S. Macário, o termómetro marcava -4° C.

Cheguei ao topo ao amanhecer. Lindíssimo! 😊

Uma activação com uma excelente surpresa: O CT2HOV, Nuno Pereira Gomes, apareceu, a fundo de escala, em VHF/FM tal como havia prometido. 🙂

E repetiu a dose no Candal!

Um grande obrigado ao Nuno pelo acompanhamento. E obrigado ao Jose Maria Gomes, CT7ABG e ao Freitas Nuno, CT2IUV por tentarem.

Esta coisa do SOTA tem muito de solidariedade!


CT/BA-012 – Candal

Deixei o carro junto ao Parque de Campismo do Refúgio da Fraguinha e comecei a seguir o trilho que leva até perto do cume, num vale onde corre um ribeiro.

Era linda a vegetação e espero que volte a ser…😡😡😡😱😱

Está em obras e parece que vai ser um estradão…

Espero que a vegetação, abundante, que ladeava todo o trilho volte a ser reposta para que volte a ser um agradável trilho de montanha!

A obra está ser feita pela CM de S. Pedro do Sul e apresenta-se como as fotografias demonstram. ☹

Depois de 20 QSOs desmontei rapidamente a estação /p e fui para baixo em “passo de corrida” dado que, com um adiamento da hora de almoço talvez ainda desse para fazer CT/BL-004, Serra da Freita… 😊

Ainda tomei um café no Parque de Campismo e carro ao caminho…

Aquela Serra é muito bonita!

CT/BL-004 – Serra da Freita

Chegado a CT/BL-004, cerca das 1255, foi montar a estação e fazer 20 QSOs “a correr” que o almoço estava em suspenso.

Aqui já não houve QSO com o Nuno porque a bateria “deu os pontos…”

Em suma, um Domingo frio e soalheiro, “suadamente” passado nos cumes da região centro:

Um privilégio poder usufruir desta actividade que nos leva a sítios tão bonitos e a praticar duas fantásticas actividades, em simultâneo! 😊

Palm Radio keys

Dieter Engels, DJ6TE of Palm Radio, announced in his site, the close of Palm Radio.
So, no more keys from them… 😦

His words are:

“For health reasons, and after the passing of Brunhilde (DK7SN), Uli (DL2BAT) und Klaus (DL9SKE) I am not able to continue PALM RADIO in its current form.

I will only deliver remaining stock, for inquiries please email”

Palm Radio is a well-known manufacturer of portable morse paddles.

I have a Pico paddle that I used in several SOTA activation. It’s awsome!

CT SOTA National Day, April 1st!

All radio amateurs are invited to participate in Portugal’s National SOTA Day, tomorrow April 1st, an event that is meant to both highlight and encourage participation on the Summits on The Air program.
The “party-on-the-air” is also meant to celebrate SOTA – Portugal´s sixth year in activity, started precisely on this day, in 2011.

Long time and current participants, as well as amateur radio clubs, are particularly encouraged to invite other amateur operator´s to tag along their planned activities in order to increase the program’s awareness.

Certificates (electronically sent) will be available to activators, chasers and SWL registered on SOTA´s Database and after the upload of their day´s logs.

No other rules apply other than the Summits on The Air own set of procedures.
This is not a contest, just another way of enjoying and celebrating SOTA´s unique pleasure of amateur radio activity.

All queries regarding Portugal´s National SOTA Day 2017 should be sent to his email (lookup QRZ.COM) or

The following station annouced their intentioon to activate one summit tomorrow, April 1st, to celebrate the CT National SOTA DAY (no special order)


Failed activation! CT/BL-004, Serra da Freita

19FEB2017, AM

After long time without any Sota activation due to a respiratory infection, the weather forecast indicates that Sunday will be a sunny day. 🙂
It will be a cold but sunny day!
So, I decided to give a try to my lungs!

Early in the morning I went to Serra da Freita Power station and parked the car.
It was a perfect day for this time of the year, with a cold and strong wind. But who cares ?

My first bad decision was to take advantage of a tree instead of erecting the fishing pole.
A rock helped to launch the string over the tree. Then the rope get tangled in a branch.
The half burned pine tree shown no cooperation… Fires in the summer are enough. A SOTA activator seems to be too much!

But one should never give up, right ?!

Second launch and the rope was not in the correct position. So, I pulled a little.
Bingo! The rock turn around a branch and now is firmly tie to the stubborn pine tree!

Pulled from several directions and nothing!
So, the fishing pole was used to untie the rope and the rock .
Problem solved just after 40 min… 😦

Another small pine tree are waiting to hang the end of the rope…
Easy one. The rock will be used as weight.

My thought at that time was”…unwrap the wire, erect the fishing pole and it’s done. I will be on air.”

But things are never that easy…The small twigs left by the burn bushes made the task very difficult. The wire get rolled up and… It seems to be an easy task!…
At this point I start laughing ! It took me over 1 hour just to have the wire in the air!

Everything set, let’s CQ CQ on 60m…

What could go wrong ?!

I notice something strange in the SWR of the KX-2. At beginning the tune is perfect and SWR=1:1. Shortly after the SWR increased!
I stop. Checked SWR with ATU: “All systems go”…
Starting CQ again. CQ CQ CQ SOTA DE [SWR going up]. Stop.
Less power. Same problem…
Let’s give a try in another band. Same behavior!
Forcing CQ, I get one spot on 14 MHz (6 dB SNR in G-land)…
ZERO answers, no QSOs!

One must to understand when it’s a “no day”! 🙂

So let’s enjoy the mountain and forget SOTA, i e, phase 2 of Sunday.

And that went smoothly! (Look at the pictures…)

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS (formerly CT1DBS/p…) 🙂 🙂 🙂


Portugal (CT) National SOTA Day – 2016 April 1, Saturday

On 1st April 2017 we celebrate six years of SOTA program in Portugal. :heart_eyes:

So, we invite all amateur radio operators to take part in those celebrations named National SOTA Day 2017, which will take place on April 1, 2017 (Saturday).
The essence of the celebrations is to have multiple summit activations all over the country on this day.

Last year almost 50 activators in 21 SOTA summits produced 750+ QSOs (7 MHz to 1.3 GHz).
Despite the bad wx and propagation conditions Portuguese callsigns (CT/CS/CR/CU) in SOTA ref were in Portugal mainland , Azores and France.

The activity aims to promote the SOTA program and allow sensitize the amateur radio community for this kind of healthy and funny activity.

Although there are certificates to the participants (activators and chasers), the National SOAT Day – 2017, as well as the SOTA program, it’s not a contest.

It will be a “SOTA on-the-air party” and therefore all amateur radio operators are invited.
All Portuguese clubs were invited to join the activity.

All amateur radio operators who are Activators are specially invited and encouraged to bring other hams or prospective hams for activation, enabling others to experience a SOTA activation.

It is suggested that the activations should take place:
• From 09.00 and 18.30 (local time) on April 1, 2017;
• Using their own call sign (/ p);
• Using the simplest possible equipment (QRP in most cases, including portable radios V / UHF);
• In SOTA summits with the highest possible score:
• In the amateur’s radio operator area;
• In any CT/CU/CT3 summit.

The KISS concept (simplicity, simplicity, simplicity …) will be used throughout the activity:
The only rule is to comply with SOTA rules and having fun!

As explained before, there will be certificates to the participants who activate a summit (by SOTA rules) or have a QSO with one activator/summit on that day (chasers or SWL). Other than that, they should send photos or videos of their SOTA activity to

This will be a great opportunity to chasers abroad Portugal. :smiley:

Please feel free to ask any questions to the email.

In behalf of National SOTA day organization,

Vy 73
Pedro, CT1DBS

Some photos of last year

CT/ES-002 – A garden, a palace, a view and CW novices!

18DEZ2016 AM


Text will be placed here ASAP



Perfect sunday morning at CT/ES-010, Monte Serves

11/12/2016 AM
Text in English will be placed here ASAP

Rapidamente combinado na noite anterior com o João Fragoso, CT7ABE, pelas 09h30 deste domingo seguimos a curta viagem até ao sopé do Monte Serves.

Ao longe as pás das eólicas quase não rodavam com falta de vento e, apesar de alguma humidade, o sol mostrava-se num céu pouco nublado.
Um dia perfeito para uma activação SOTA! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Fomos apreciando as vistas na rápida subida e, ao chegarmos lá em cima, cada montou o seu shack, costas com costas, no marco geodésico de primeira ordem.

O CT7ABE usou 5W num dipolo com traps e este escriba usou 5W, numa antena end fed long wire, sendo que a parte mais alta do fio estava suportado nos cabos telefónicos que atravessam a zona…

Combinadas as bandas de trabalho, lá fomos alternando e tentando não interferir um com o outro.
Contudo, na zona, sentia-se, por vezes, uma forte emissão que além de QRM propriamente dito chegou a dessensibilizar o RX… 😦
Isto foi sentido pelos 2, sendo que a situação afectou mais o CT7ABE/p. 😦

Às 10h41 fiz o primeiro QSO, em 20m/CW, seguindo-se, depois, mais 16.
Dos 17 QSOs há a registar os simpáticos factos:
– Dois QSOs com estações CT em CW;
– Um QSO com ZL (Nova Zelândia), já confirmado via Clublog;
– Um S2S com o CT7AFR/p.

Antes que alguém pergunte, o rápido QSO com o CT7AFR foi feito em SSB, utilizando o microfone de um auricular e, confesso (!!!), com 10W PEP (aumentei a potência do KX-2 para o nível máximo que ainda é considerado QRP)…
Este QSO foi feito pelo meio de italianos e logo a seguir a um QSO do CT7AFR com o Manuel, EA2DT, que também é “cliente habitual” desta estação aquando de activações SOTA…

Uma radiosa manhã de sol que deu para espairecer as pernas e fazer rádio.

Obrigado aos caçadores!

73 do Pedro, CT1DBS