2016 Sherpa Award – VK1AD, Andrew

Well done Andrew, VK1AD
You deserve it! ūüôā

73 de Pedro CT1DBS/CU3HF

Andrew’s blog is a large recipient of interesting stuff. (clik here to see his blog)

From SOTA Reflector

Every year, Richard G3CWI and SOTABEAMS sponsors an award for the person who has contributed most or assisted the SOTA MT the most in the previous year. This year, we had some strong candidates, but ultimately, the MT all agreed that this year’s recipient is the standout candidate and a worthy recipient of the award.

This person has been very active in helping develop and promote SOTA. He is well-known in his association for the efforts expended in taking new activators out, and for pushing the limits of his station. He acts as a de facto AM in many ways, helping produce the last summit update for his association. He takes a scientific approach to improving his odds of contacts, studying antennas and propagation conditions at different times of the day to different parts of the world. This year he has also run a challenge to qualify as many summits on 70cm as possible, driving more use of this band in his region, and his success at this, despite the remoteness of population centres is indicative of the skill he possesses. His efforts have led to promoting contacts across the world, bringing the SOTA community together, including being one of the people helping instigate the VK-EU S2S event, and now studying possible paths and times for a VK-NA event.

While some of these require people at the other end to help enable his actions, or are parts of group efforts, the SOTA MT feels that combined, this person has improved SOTA, built the community, and pushed that community to experiment and try new things.

This year’s award recipient is, of course, Andrew Moseley VK1AD.