ISS contact with portuguese school

Luca Parmitano KF5KDP, aboard ISS, contacted with portuguese school cluster “Agrupamento de Escolas Serafim Leite”, S. João da Madeira, callsign CS2ACL.

This happened Mon 2020-01-27 16:33:34 UTC

The audio file is almost the entire contact (for listen click here).

I was unable to hear it all due to the latitude diference with the school.

Congratulations to the school, the ARISS team in Portugal and Rede dos Emissores Portugueses (REP) for this outstanding contact.

The questions from the students were the following ones:

1. What is your daily routine like on board?

2. When you have a health problem what do you do? Are there any doctors on board?

3. When astronauts go to space for how long do they stay there?

4. Do you miss family?

5. Do you remember the very first moment that you look outside de ISS and saw the planet earth? What did you felt and did you think of someone special?

6. How do you bath in a ship?

7. How can you get water in space?

8. What is it like to live in the ISS?

9. What kind of experiences take place from the ISS and what are the advantages of making them from there?

10. How is it possible to create an atmosphere within the ISS?

11. Is the perception of time on board of the ISS different from the one you have on Earth?

12. How many hours of exercise should an astronaut do each day?

13. What effects does space flight have on the human body, and what do you feel?

14. When you are not working what do you do?

15. Being a different profession how old did you realize you wanted to be an astronaut?

16. What do you miss the most about Earth?

17. How can weightlessness influence the health of astronauts?

18. Tell us about your adventure in space?

19. How can you communicate with your family?

20. Do you feel scared when you are in space?

21. How and where do they sleep?

22. How long do astronauts train to perform space missions?

23. Do you have any specific food when you are on missions?

24. In an emergency situation can you all return to Earth?

Portuguese amateur radio clubs united against 2 meter French reallocation proposal

On Saturday, 6th, 17 Portuguese amateur radio clubs – including IARU and EURAO representatives – came together in the city of Santarém to devise a common course of action in response to the recent proposal to reallocate the amateur 2 meter band to the Aeronautical service that, if not opposed soon, will be on the table at the WRC2023.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of ARR, the local amateur radio club, who provided the space for the meeting and, for those who couldn’t be present, teleconference equipment.

At the end of the conference, the group agreed on a common strategy to follow and elected a representative body of five elements that will hand deliver a written statement, signed by all club representatives, next Monday, the 15th, to ANACOM, Portugal´s telecommunications regulatory body.

Earlier in the week, the regulator responded to several radio clubs and individual amateur radio operators that had sent letters urging the opposition to the French proposal to reallocate the 2 meter band to the aeronautical service know as PTA(19)090R1.

ANACOM´s amateur radio head officer wrote back, saying that it “made a note” of the objections and that was inviting “external entities” to attend a preparatory meeting of the team representing Portugal in WRC2023, that will take place next Monday, the 15th, at ANACOM´s headquarters, in downtown Lisbon.

On a public note distributed on Sunday afternoon, the attending clubs made their intentions public, noting that all “vehemently repudiate” the French proposal and urged the Portuguese government to oppose PTA(19)090R1 “on all instances, both at CEPT and ITU”.

Yesterday, the 9th, the representative body announced that three more clubs officially joined the petition, make 20 the number of amateur radio clubs that are signing the document.