My first CW QSO using QO-100

Using a setup for which I had made done some calculations, tonight I was testing the QO-100 (CW / 2.4 GHz on the uplink and 10.4 GHz on the downlink) when a German station (DL3GAK, Udo) called me.

Despite being with the helix antenna (home made) in the hand, outside the window (!!!!), the signal produced is more than enough to make QSOs.
My performance as an antenna rotor was poor because I produced a lot of QSB when I’m looking to other stuff…

Next step will be the production of more helix for the OMs of the Quinta do Lambert Amateur Radio Society*…
Just after that I will put up all antennas in the rooftop. That will take a litle longer because it will be necessary to attach all equipment in a watertight box.

I would like to thank the many OMs who had shared their knowledge, some of which are Portuguese.

TKS ! CU at QO-100!

A close view of the 19 turns homemade helix

* This Amateur Radio Society doesn’t exist but we are 3 OM that live really close by and we like to call ourselves that way…

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