Wow… A “software PLL” FOR RX QO-100!

G4ELI, Simon, just presented the world with the latest version of SDR-Radio (Release 3.0.7) which incorporate a very useful feature for those who desire to receive the QO-100.
It a PLL-like but made with software.

The software lock into the upper beacon (NB / BPSK) and compensates the drift of the LNB.
So, all those who have a PLL LNB without GPSDO or TCXO could use this important feature to listen accuratley the QSOs on the QO-100.

In my modest view, this a major breakthrough fore a lot of amateur radio operators!

BIG TKS Simon!

Latest version of SDR-Radio could be downloaded here:

I’m not related with Simon’s work – I don’t even emailed him – but I think that we all should support him by donate some amount.
He deserve it!


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