Failed activation! CT/BL-004, Serra da Freita

19FEB2017, AM

After long time without any Sota activation due to a respiratory infection, the weather forecast indicates that Sunday will be a sunny day. 🙂
It will be a cold but sunny day!
So, I decided to give a try to my lungs!

Early in the morning I went to Serra da Freita Power station and parked the car.
It was a perfect day for this time of the year, with a cold and strong wind. But who cares ?

My first bad decision was to take advantage of a tree instead of erecting the fishing pole.
A rock helped to launch the string over the tree. Then the rope get tangled in a branch.
The half burned pine tree shown no cooperation… Fires in the summer are enough. A SOTA activator seems to be too much!

But one should never give up, right ?!

Second launch and the rope was not in the correct position. So, I pulled a little.
Bingo! The rock turn around a branch and now is firmly tie to the stubborn pine tree!

Pulled from several directions and nothing!
So, the fishing pole was used to untie the rope and the rock .
Problem solved just after 40 min… 😦

Another small pine tree are waiting to hang the end of the rope…
Easy one. The rock will be used as weight.

My thought at that time was”…unwrap the wire, erect the fishing pole and it’s done. I will be on air.”

But things are never that easy…The small twigs left by the burn bushes made the task very difficult. The wire get rolled up and… It seems to be an easy task!…
At this point I start laughing ! It took me over 1 hour just to have the wire in the air!

Everything set, let’s CQ CQ on 60m…

What could go wrong ?!

I notice something strange in the SWR of the KX-2. At beginning the tune is perfect and SWR=1:1. Shortly after the SWR increased!
I stop. Checked SWR with ATU: “All systems go”…
Starting CQ again. CQ CQ CQ SOTA DE [SWR going up]. Stop.
Less power. Same problem…
Let’s give a try in another band. Same behavior!
Forcing CQ, I get one spot on 14 MHz (6 dB SNR in G-land)…
ZERO answers, no QSOs!

One must to understand when it’s a “no day”! 🙂

So let’s enjoy the mountain and forget SOTA, i e, phase 2 of Sunday.

And that went smoothly! (Look at the pictures…)

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS (formerly CT1DBS/p…) 🙂 🙂 🙂



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