A no view-this-time summit! CT/ES-001, Serra de Montejunto

04DEC2016 – AM
Ref – Last activation 27SEPT2015

It was raining when I set off from home but after a while the sun is shining…Well, I thought, maybe this is a good idea!

On the road, start climbing the mountain my feeling drift a while: Rain and wind…Reaching the military barracks I realized that I’m in the middle of cloud for quite some time.

But rain and wind are also natural elements. So, wearing my hiking clothes and my backpack I started walking along the trail that lead to Nossa Senhoras da Neves (Our lady of Snow)

The trail were fixed from past problems. Essencials signs are clear now. 🙂
With a better weather that would be a worderfull walk!

Reaching the activaing zone, the weather is roaring (literaly) – See video

I took shelter near the Chapel of S. João Batista (the higher chapel in the summit), leaving behind the chapel of Nossa Senhora das Neves, which stay by the side of the road that heads to Portuguese Air Force radar station.

I found a small cubicle open, on the right side of the chapel. Even so, humidity was abundant in the interior

I used the holes in the rock wall to have a shack. The fishing pole and the EFLW was attached to a garden seat on the south façade. The RG-174 was runing along the unique window of the cubicle.

While avoiding to make a shelter with a tarp 🙂 I had to use my rite-in-the-rain notebook to log in the QSOs, because my usual notebook was almost wet!

I kept equipped because of humidity and cold. Also, the op position was standing up because that’s the unique position where the all the wiring was ok.

Started CQing on the 40m band but no answer.

I tried to hear CT2GSN and CT7ABG, that should be in MN summit (North of Portugal) but no luck.
This was happening in a day where I prepare everything to do a SSB QSO…
Next time, I guess!

CQing on the 20m gave me the qualification for this summit quickly. I made 10 QSO in a row, followed by 4 more in the 18 MHz… And I went off  because of the weather.

Sometimes my gloves were taken off during QSOs because I’m struggling to use the CW paddle with gloves on. The gloves are waterproof…
Need more training with gloves on!

Descent with “usual weather”…

I tried to visit the Royal Ice Factory (18th century) but a heavy rain and a tight time table sent me back home!

Now, all stuff are drying, knowing that the KX-2 should almost waterproof…




  1. José Luís Proença · December 6, 2016

    To cold for me brrrrr

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF · December 6, 2016

    You’re a “summer guy”! 73


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