CU/SM-006 and CU/SM-008


When you are one week long taking photos in Canada and you forgot to charge the camera battery!….
I miss the camera because the view are amazing, in both summits.
My phone had no avaiable space for photos.

Next time I will tru to travel with 2 cameras…Or spare batteries…

Photo of this post was taken from somewhere in the net.

CU/SM-006, Agua Retorta

Hard to reach summit!
Wx started wet but turns in to sunny and dry.

First activation with the new KX-2. Wow! 🙂 🙂 🙂
It performs as a champion!

Outstanding views to mountain and ocean!

14 QSOs, 2 S2S. All 20m CW

Antenna: EFLW

CU/SM-008, Serra Gorda

Wx was ok but, as in WX in Azores, rain set in!
Nice views to north and side shore of the island. Ponta Delgada at my feet!

To reach the AZ, one should look deep into avaiable sources.

The first confrontation of the new KX2. KX-2 1- Rain 0! 🙂

16 QSOs. All 20m/CW. 8 QSOs with NA stations: 7W’s and 1 VE
Antenna: EFLW


CU/SM-008, Serra Gorda from the distance (photo taken from here)



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