A friendly SOTA place with excellent landscape! CT/BL-008, Serra da Boa Viagem

31AGO2016 PM – Photos by mrs DBS

Taking advantage of some time to spare due to a hospital treatment of a family member, we cross the forest of Serra da Boa Viagem under a nice shining sun.

This is a drive on summit with a large AZ.

So, I chose the viewpoint to install the shack and make a quick activation.

After morning experience, I started in the 20m/cw, at 1412z.

10 min after I had 7 QSO.

Because any delay would be very annoying to the family member that was receiving treatment in the hospital, I changed to 2 m/cw where I’ve done a quick QSO with CT7AGT.

Knowing that EA/CT2GSN/p would be in an EA summit I listened 7.190/ssb. Nothing but QRN/QRM

For the final I called 2m/ssb – CT2IUV could be listening in any summit – but no answer.

So, at 1430z I run away from viewpoint, which was packed with people and very hot.

And nobody asked what I’m doing in such place using a fish rod….

updated 15SEP2016



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