Balance Rock – CT/BA-013, Nossa Senhora do Castelo

Activation date: 31JUL2016

This is a drive in summit, in this nice interior region of Portugal.

At the time I arrived to the summit, the sky is fullk of clouds and mist.
20 minutes later the sun is warm and all the clouds and mist disappeared!
However, 2 issues are against CT1DBS/p:
– HF propagation
– A place to erect the pole

So, a single 40m/CW QSO was made with CT2IWW.
The qualification was made in the 2m/FM (4 QSOs).
All QSOs between 1055z and 1112z.

I’lle back to this one another time…




View to the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Castelo


The “real” summit…


The mist is going away…


The summit is supported by 2 small rocks…


The possible antenna….


The sus was shinning just after the end of the activation…


Cows near the road


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