A nice fire warden – CT/BL-027, Semide

Activation date: 17AGO2016

While the Wx was cloudy and dry I had 2 nice surprises on this activation:

  1. The fire warden which was on duty in the fires tower was a nice guy!
    I explained him what I’ was doing, what is SOTA, etc. Then he allowed me to have the EFLW tie to the balcony’s rail (around the fire tower).
    But more than that, he lowered the radio volume to do not disturb the morse signals!…. 🙂 🙂
    Indeed a nice guy!
  2. CT7AGT, Joaquim Baldaia, answered to my 144.05/CW! I must to confess that I never thought that he could answer (+200km away; 3 W max in a SlimJim antenna…).
    It was 5*****! 🙂

I called 144.3/SSB to check that I don’t need to carry a mic anymore, if I carry an phone headphone, but no answer.

5 minutes after CQing I had 5 QSOs. So the activation end with 2 S2S, 7 CW QSO; 1 on 20m, 5 on 40m and 1 on 2 m!
I called on the 6 m band but no answer.

Because I had plenty of time, I took advantage of the preciousous location to make some photos and chat a while with Ruben.

The summit access could be done with a regular car (but I left the car in the paved road)






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