A rock in the air! – CT/BA-010, Pedra Posta

Activation date: 31JUL2016

I wake up early at my father-in-law’s house…Then I realized the weather was worst then previously day. So what ?…

Take my backpack and started the journey trough some typical villages, across rural interior Portugal.

At Noninha, I park the car and proceed by the track. The track starts at the entry of the village and goes to the trig point. It has signs to those who hike and follows along a dirt track and the by a pathway.
Nice walking!

At some point I left the clouds and the summit mountain could be seen at the distance.

Near the summit it’s possible to look a chapel in a near summit. What a nice view, with the mist, the clouds and the sun…(photo below)

At the summit, the “on air” trig point was used to erect the EFLW antenna.
10 CW QSOs were made; 9 in the 40m band and 1 in the 20 m (0820 to 0856z).
Propagation wasn’t that good!

The most noticeable QSO was with CT1MH, António Cardoso. He use to be an SSB operator… 🙂
Now I have the honor of  CW contact with him, at 6 or less WPM…

All journey starts with a small step… 🙂



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