The summit of the summit, CT/DL-001, Serra do Marão!


May 1st, 2016

The activation of this summit is the follow-up of the SOTA National Meeting (or National SOTA summit…).

Actually, this is the last activity of the National SOTA meeting (or summit, as you would prefer)…

So, in the morning of that sunny sunday, CT1MH, CT1BHG, CT1DBS, CT2IUV, CT2IWW, CT2JLS, CT2HMR, CT7AGT, CT1BWW and families went to CT/DL-001, Serra do Marão.

This is an easy 10 pointer and he had to make shifts to use the bands because we were too many in the summit.

At one point, António, CT1MH break in and I tried to make a SOTA contact with him.

When I asked where he was, he reply “50 m away from you!!!!”.

Then I realize the reply station is at the same SOTA point and we are together… A laugh after everything is ok and I QRT on this band.

It was a very nice activation in the true spirit of amateur radio and SOTA: plenty of contacts in HF, VHF and UHF, using CW, SSB, FM, PSK and DMR!

At lunch time we are all set for lunch: Activators and families.

A lot of social interaction with all attendants ended the National SOTA meeting.

All agreed that was a very nice and enjoyable meeting for amateur radio operateurs and families!

What else we want for a National Sota Meeting ?!… 🙂 🙂 🙂


Photos by Mrs DBS and CT7AGT




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