Sunny activation – CT/BA-001, Serra de Montemuro

April 29th, PM

On this activation I had a very special companion, i e, Mrs DBS!

She was with me, on route to the National SOTA Meeting, which was held in Amarante, on Douro Region.

Douro is well known by it’s most famous product: Oporto Wine.

On this region all landscapes are gorgeous and a surprising landscape is waiting for us in each turn of the road.

I had to to work, so the activation take place on late afternoon, despite the temperature is getting lower and lower. 😦

So, we arrive to the mountain dirt road by 17h. We walked for a while before the peak and the trig point was visible.

In this case, due to inherent characteristics of the summit where the trig stands, the AZ is a very small area.

So, we climbed to the top, trying to avoid the natural ponds (snow melted) and cautious of the poisons snakes that lives in this area.

When we got to the top the day is falling (sunset at 20h+ local time…).

Because of the narrow AZ area the endfed antenna was mounted downhill. I started calling on 7 MHz but some Spanish and British stations are using too much bandwidth…So, I called on 20m band quickly I got 11 QSOs in 27 minutes. (all CW)

I tried other bands, namely 2 m, because other activators were on the journey to our annual meeting and they took the opportunity to activate some summits.

With the 2m transverter of the KX-3 and the slim Jim antenna (home made) I made a QSO with CT1ZQ, in Lousã (100 km away).

I start to feel like a SOTA activator…I’m saying this because the first question that CT1ZQ asked is “in which summit are you ?”…

Last time we had a QSO (20 m, CW) was on April 16th. I was at S. Miguel, Island, in CU/SM-009, Pico da Cruz, with the MTR-3B and the trapped dipole.

After exchange RS I was informed that CT2JLS, Sergio was climbing CT/BA-013, Nossa Senhora do Castelo, and asked to do a S2S QSO with me.

The sun set was approaching and we started packing.

Then CT2JLS call me and we made our first S2S, on the 2 m band. Sergio was also en route with his family to our annual meeting. His last words before closing down were: See you later!

Packing take only a few minutes with the great help of Mrs DBS, who did all the rolling of the endfed wire like a SOTA pro!

She did a great job I should thank her for the great support on all my activations.

This one is different because she helped a lot on the radio stuff.

Also, she was the official photographer on site!

When we get to the car the temperature had dropped a while. Accordingly, the car thermometer show that we had a bright sunny day with 7 C, at car position. There were a light and cold wind, from south.

My guess is that at the top the temp should be around 4 to 6 C while we were there.

While on route to Amarante we had the chance to see the summit from different locations. Serra de Montemuro is a one of a kind!

By the way: ANACOM (Portuguese Ofcom) has a remote monitoring station in this mountain, in the line of sight of the summit. I guess they were looking who’s the powerful station that saturates their RX front ends…

Anyway, that powerful station is using 3 W, on 40, 20 m and 2 m bands!





  1. José Luís Proença · May 5, 2016

    Nice pictures its a usual, thank you 73 de CT1GZB


  2. Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF · May 5, 2016

    Thank you but congrats are going to Mrs DBS!. Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS


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