CU/SM-009 Pico da Cruz – First activation

Before leaving Lisbon for work activity at S. Miguel Island, I decided activate CU/SM-009.
Nobody had activated this summit until this day, it’s near a big public forestry area

Today, April 23th I activate CU/SM-009, Pico da Cruz.

I went there, just after landing at Ponta Delgada Airport, S. Miguel Isl and make the check-in at the hotel.

The forestry park – Pinhal da Paz – is a well cared area and the pathways are in very well condition.
I parked the car at the park entrance and a sign pointed the way to go : Mirante

The weather improved since morning and waht was a forecast of rain showers became a nice 21 C with 85% humidity.

From the raincoat I ended up in t-shirt. Very nice!
I climbed the hill for 15 minutes until I had to plunge in the vegetation to find the “good” path to the summit. It’s not easy but just before the end of the pathway I found the access. There a fence with a sign forbidden to hunt but I pass under and there we go to the top, circumventing the hill.

It’s not simple but I manage to get there, taking 45 minutes to get into the AZ. The top is covered with vegetation and there no view!
I descend a little to take shelter from the wind and my shack is about to be ready.

First call on 40m. A single answer from João, CT7ABE with weak signals.
He is using 5 W from a KX-3 into a endfed antenna  in his QTH (Lisboa).

BTW: I’m using the MTR-3B with a trapped dipole on a 7m fishing pole. The batteries are 8 x NiMH.
The simplicity and efficiency of this set is amazing. 🙂
The only problem is the low level of the audio coming from the MTR-3B.

I changed to 20 m and the things get better: 9 QSOs in this band, including 2 with US stations.
CT7ABE spot me which I thank him.

Because of professional appointments I started descend at 5pm: My mood is great because of weather, the viewsand the QSOs.

Thank you all chasers!




  1. Andrew VK1AD · April 25, 2016

    Hi Pedro thanks for sharing. Looks like a beautiful place for a SOTA expedition! Your choice of Spring days paid off nicely. Great photos too.


    Andrew VK1AD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF · April 26, 2016

    Hi Andrew

    Thank you for your comment.
    Azores was elected the second best traveling destination for 2015/2016 because of it’s natural beauties.
    But I must admit that I saw some images from Australia that are top level.

    I also must admit that you shared much more than me. So, TNX !

    Vy 73

    Pedro, CTDBS/CU3HF


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