Thunderstorm ? Rain again ?! CU/SM-003 Monte Escuro

April 16th

On April, 16th I planned to activate Monte Escuro, CU/SM-003 and CU/SM-009 Pico da Cruz.

But a thunderstorm warning till noon from meteo office…So, I dropped this plan. 😦
Instead, I decided to activate CU/SM-003 Monte Escuro on the afternoon and postponed CU/SM-009 to another trip to S. Miguel island.

Just after 14h local I went to Monte Escuro base (889 m) and start climbing. After a 0.5 km I stopped to take a photo of the outstanding scenery.
Gosh! I forgot the camera in the car. 🙂

OK, no problem. I will take photos with the mobile phone.

Gosh! No available space. 😦

Let’s move on and forget photos.

I will return one day!

As usual in the Azores islands, the wx change very rapidly and soon after I was inside a dense cloud. No heavy rain but a naughty rain.
Went to the top, just near the trig point and soon I’m on the air.

Start with 40 m but the few and weak signals told me to move.

I tried the 20m band and shortly after I’m in the business…
After 24m I had 8 QSOs and a trip to return…

My large poncho worked as supposed, giving shelter to the MTR-3B and battery.
The “Rite in the Rain” notebook proved to be an valuable asset. Logged all QSOs without problems even in this wet environnement.
Also, my 3 band (pico) trapped dipole worked FB (thank you Richard!)

So, I start descending, with a very changeable weather which allowed, from time to time, to have glimpses of the north and south shore lines. Wow !

Despite the lack of photos (I love to photograph…) all went ok.

Another summit to visit again, for sure!

Thank you chasers!

Some photos taken by others


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