Portuguese National SOTA day – April 2nd

Portugal (CT) National SOTA Day – 2016 Notices

The Portuguese National SOTA Day was commemorated April 2nd, 2016.

It was the 5th anniversary of SOTA program in Portugal!

Almost 50 activators in 21 SOTA summits produces 750+ QSOs (7 MHz to 1.3 GHz).
Despite the bad wx and propagation conditions Portuguese callsigns (CT/CS/CR/CU) in SOTA ref were in Portugal mainland , Azores and France.

The goal of raise SOTA awareness is achieved!
Some newbies were bitten by SOTA addiction for sure. 🙂 🙂 🙂

A lot of certificates related to this National day (activators, Chasers and SWL) were issued. They will be issued for those who request them until April 17th (ctsotaday (at) gmail.com)

The activators were (alphabetically and with QSOs registered on sota database):

CR7AKX, Sofia Ferreira; CR7ALM, Filipe Relvão; CS5ARC, (Associação de Radioamadores de Coimbra); CS7AFI, José Gomes; CS7AGH, Paulo Martins; CS7AJM, Francisco Carmo; CT1BWU, João Coelho; CT1DBS, Pedro Carvalho; CT1DYH, Carlos Ferreira; CT1END, Carlos Nora; CT1FAC, Fernando Rosinha; CT1GDF, Sérgio Medina; CT1HIX, Carlos Gomes; CT1MH, António Cardoso; CT1PR, Manuel Cardoso; CT1ZR, Álvaro Miranda; CT2FQA, Waldemar Pimentel; CT2FUN, Hélder Medina; CT2GQI, Gonçalo Springer; CT2HTY, José da Praça; CT2IUV, Nuno Freitas; CT2IWW, Paulo Teixeira; CT2IXQ, António Viegas; CT2JGU, Pedro Silva; CT2JLS, Sérgio Domingos; CT2JUO, Luis Rabasquinho; CT5JLD, Mónica Marques; CT7ABE, João Fragoso; CT7ACK, José Andrade; CT7AEZ, Pedro Correia; CT7AFR, Emmanuel Lomba; CT7AGR, Paulus Schulink; CT7AGT, Joaquim Baldaia; CU3AA, João Lima; CU3GQ, Rui Contente.

I’m proud to be the organizer of such successful event !





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