Warm spring, just before another rain storm – Monte da Aveleira, CT/BL-021

The SOTA summit CT/BL-021 Monte da Aveleira, is near by Coimbra, having very good access.

The road is located 50m away from the trig point, without any obstacle.

Coimbra University is the one of the oldest in Europe. Beautiful town, with the Mondego River, beautiful landscapes and outstanding preserved old boroughs.

Unesco has recognized  the University, Alta and Sofia (areas of Coimbra) as World Heritage.

Under a cloudy sky, it took from 09:26Z to 1002z to do 12 CW QSO:

1 QSO in the 40m band – 10 minutes chatting, explaining the SOTA concept…

11 QSO on the 20m band

Sometimes with direct sun the temperature rise to 21C.

Very nice and warm spring day! 🙂

Just after lunch a pouring rain started across all country.

Sometimes luck is welcomed. This is the case! 🙂


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