CU/SM-009 Pico da Cruz – First activation

Before leaving Lisbon for work activity at S. Miguel Island, I decided activate CU/SM-009.
Nobody had activated this summit until this day, it’s near a big public forestry area

Today, April 23th I activate CU/SM-009, Pico da Cruz.

I went there, just after landing at Ponta Delgada Airport, S. Miguel Isl and make the check-in at the hotel.

The forestry park – Pinhal da Paz – is a well cared area and the pathways are in very well condition.
I parked the car at the park entrance and a sign pointed the way to go : Mirante

The weather improved since morning and waht was a forecast of rain showers became a nice 21 C with 85% humidity.

From the raincoat I ended up in t-shirt. Very nice!
I climbed the hill for 15 minutes until I had to plunge in the vegetation to find the “good” path to the summit. It’s not easy but just before the end of the pathway I found the access. There a fence with a sign forbidden to hunt but I pass under and there we go to the top, circumventing the hill.

It’s not simple but I manage to get there, taking 45 minutes to get into the AZ. The top is covered with vegetation and there no view!
I descend a little to take shelter from the wind and my shack is about to be ready.

First call on 40m. A single answer from João, CT7ABE with weak signals.
He is using 5 W from a KX-3 into a endfed antenna  in his QTH (Lisboa).

BTW: I’m using the MTR-3B with a trapped dipole on a 7m fishing pole. The batteries are 8 x NiMH.
The simplicity and efficiency of this set is amazing. 🙂
The only problem is the low level of the audio coming from the MTR-3B.

I changed to 20 m and the things get better: 9 QSOs in this band, including 2 with US stations.
CT7ABE spot me which I thank him.

Because of professional appointments I started descend at 5pm: My mood is great because of weather, the viewsand the QSOs.

Thank you all chasers!


Thunderstorm ? Rain again ?! CU/SM-003 Monte Escuro

April 16th

On April, 16th I planned to activate Monte Escuro, CU/SM-003 and CU/SM-009 Pico da Cruz.

But a thunderstorm warning till noon from meteo office…So, I dropped this plan. 😦
Instead, I decided to activate CU/SM-003 Monte Escuro on the afternoon and postponed CU/SM-009 to another trip to S. Miguel island.

Just after 14h local I went to Monte Escuro base (889 m) and start climbing. After a 0.5 km I stopped to take a photo of the outstanding scenery.
Gosh! I forgot the camera in the car. 🙂

OK, no problem. I will take photos with the mobile phone.

Gosh! No available space. 😦

Let’s move on and forget photos.

I will return one day!

As usual in the Azores islands, the wx change very rapidly and soon after I was inside a dense cloud. No heavy rain but a naughty rain.
Went to the top, just near the trig point and soon I’m on the air.

Start with 40 m but the few and weak signals told me to move.

I tried the 20m band and shortly after I’m in the business…
After 24m I had 8 QSOs and a trip to return…

My large poncho worked as supposed, giving shelter to the MTR-3B and battery.
The “Rite in the Rain” notebook proved to be an valuable asset. Logged all QSOs without problems even in this wet environnement.
Also, my 3 band (pico) trapped dipole worked FB (thank you Richard!)

So, I start descending, with a very changeable weather which allowed, from time to time, to have glimpses of the north and south shore lines. Wow !

Despite the lack of photos (I love to photograph…) all went ok.

Another summit to visit again, for sure!

Thank you chasers!

Some photos taken by others

Portuguese National SOTA day – April 2nd

Portugal (CT) National SOTA Day – 2016 Notices

The Portuguese National SOTA Day was commemorated April 2nd, 2016.

It was the 5th anniversary of SOTA program in Portugal!

Almost 50 activators in 21 SOTA summits produces 750+ QSOs (7 MHz to 1.3 GHz).
Despite the bad wx and propagation conditions Portuguese callsigns (CT/CS/CR/CU) in SOTA ref were in Portugal mainland , Azores and France.

The goal of raise SOTA awareness is achieved!
Some newbies were bitten by SOTA addiction for sure. 🙂 🙂 🙂

A lot of certificates related to this National day (activators, Chasers and SWL) were issued. They will be issued for those who request them until April 17th (ctsotaday (at)

The activators were (alphabetically and with QSOs registered on sota database):

CR7AKX, Sofia Ferreira; CR7ALM, Filipe Relvão; CS5ARC, (Associação de Radioamadores de Coimbra); CS7AFI, José Gomes; CS7AGH, Paulo Martins; CS7AJM, Francisco Carmo; CT1BWU, João Coelho; CT1DBS, Pedro Carvalho; CT1DYH, Carlos Ferreira; CT1END, Carlos Nora; CT1FAC, Fernando Rosinha; CT1GDF, Sérgio Medina; CT1HIX, Carlos Gomes; CT1MH, António Cardoso; CT1PR, Manuel Cardoso; CT1ZR, Álvaro Miranda; CT2FQA, Waldemar Pimentel; CT2FUN, Hélder Medina; CT2GQI, Gonçalo Springer; CT2HTY, José da Praça; CT2IUV, Nuno Freitas; CT2IWW, Paulo Teixeira; CT2IXQ, António Viegas; CT2JGU, Pedro Silva; CT2JLS, Sérgio Domingos; CT2JUO, Luis Rabasquinho; CT5JLD, Mónica Marques; CT7ABE, João Fragoso; CT7ACK, José Andrade; CT7AEZ, Pedro Correia; CT7AFR, Emmanuel Lomba; CT7AGR, Paulus Schulink; CT7AGT, Joaquim Baldaia; CU3AA, João Lima; CU3GQ, Rui Contente.

I’m proud to be the organizer of such successful event !





Warm spring, just before another rain storm – Monte da Aveleira, CT/BL-021

The SOTA summit CT/BL-021 Monte da Aveleira, is near by Coimbra, having very good access.

The road is located 50m away from the trig point, without any obstacle.

Coimbra University is the one of the oldest in Europe. Beautiful town, with the Mondego River, beautiful landscapes and outstanding preserved old boroughs.

Unesco has recognized  the University, Alta and Sofia (areas of Coimbra) as World Heritage.

Under a cloudy sky, it took from 09:26Z to 1002z to do 12 CW QSO:

1 QSO in the 40m band – 10 minutes chatting, explaining the SOTA concept…

11 QSO on the 20m band

Sometimes with direct sun the temperature rise to 21C.

Very nice and warm spring day! 🙂

Just after lunch a pouring rain started across all country.

Sometimes luck is welcomed. This is the case! 🙂