Like a frog in a church! Monte Sameiro, CT/MN-035

March 29th, 2016

After my work duties, the bug attacked: I’m near by a SOTA summit, so I must activate it.

This summit is a Catholic Sanctuary: The Lady of Sameiro (Senhora do Sameiro).

Its the first activation of this summit.

Despite the heavy rain (worst than the previous day) I decided to go.

XYL asked: Do you have a fun in such a bad weather ?

The answer is yes!
With proper equipment it’s possible to have fun in such rough conditions (50 km/h gusts, pouring rain).
Actually I do not remember to drive for 3.5 hours in Portugal without a glimpse of the sun. This is the first time in 30+ years of driving!

In the AZ I found a small cafe with a fair porch.
It’s closed, a big parking lot is between the main road and the building, so it’s perfect for the job!

The rain never stopped, so I had to erect the antenna under the rain.

I looked into the Sanctuary from my location.
I feel like a frog in the church. 😦 😦 😦
Wet, potholes around my op position, mist, nature and 2 small cats staring at me.


I tried to erect my antena ASAP and just after that I manage to do 10 QSOs.
The first and only on the 40 m band and all the other ones on the 20 m band.
It took me 12 min to complete 9 QSOs.
All CW QSOs.

I’m improving… 🙂

I tried to listen to Gerald F6HBI, which are activacting F/AM-313 with a Pixie transceiver but I had no sucess. To much QRM and lots of stations calling around Gerald’s frequency.
It would be nice if we managed to do a S2S QSO!

After I realized by Gerald’s post at Sota Reflector that the Pixie is a little bit deaf (malfunction). Next time!


The Wx conditions were very bad and I fled from there just after the last call of the pile-up.

The car (and XYL) are on the road (50 m away) so it took little time to get there.

Even so, I was soaked when I enter the car to start driving back.

All the equipment (rig. morse key, antenna wire, feeder, etc) was dried at home.

I will try to be back in summer, knowing that this place is prone to huge crowds. 😦



  1. Andrew VK1AD · April 2, 2016

    Hi Pedro great write up and the pictures sure do tell the story of a wet activation. When the SOTA bug bites there is only one cure, rush out and activate. Takes comittment to activate in wet weather, never mind a downpour! 😉

    Andrew VK1AD


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