Spring “winter” activation – CT/BA-018, Serra do Ladário

Sunday March 27th, 2016, morning

This summit is located nearby A25 (highway) so it’s easy to get there.

The climb is easy by a dirt track.

The views should be great but spring was a little bit rough on that day… 😦

When I arrived to the summit the Wx is windy and cold but bearable (5C inside the shelter)

The first difficulty was my lack of glasses (i need them to have a clear view of the log, not to see in the distance…). I monted everything and when I entered my shelter I didn’t have the glasses…A moment of deep breath….Let’s rock and roll without them…
“we will see”…

Then, the Wx became rough. A cloud engolfed the summit and the rain set in.
Also, some fog. The temp drop to 5C.

I started calling on 40 m. Silence. Repeated the call several times but no answer…

On the 20 m band, the propagation conditions are better.
After 2 calls RBNHole spot me and the pile-up started…

19 QSOs in 34min (0914z to 0948z).
Wow, I’m improving my deficient pile-up management! 🙂

After those 19 QSO in a row, the pile-up dried and I decided to pack and leave the summit.

On my way back, the glasses are in the dirt track, calmly waiting for me!… 🙂



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