CU/SM-005 Pico das Éguas. Azores wx…

On March 16th, 2016, on the afternoon , I activated the Sota ref CU/SM-005, Pico das Éguas.

This “Pico” (“peak” in Portuguese) is near some of beautiful landscapes of S. Miguel Island: Protected Landscape of the Sete Cidades Lake!
Some trails are in the vicinity of this one. All of them has magnificent views!

But the wx is tricky sometimes. This is the case.
A white fog cover all the landscape… To do the trail we must rely in our navigational skills and I wouldn’t advise someone to get in to the trail in such conditions.
But I’m there, my navigational skills are good, so I decide to go for it.

It was just a quick activation because the fog combined with the wind was uncomfortable.
Nobody was seen in the trail. I guess why…

I use the same radio set as before (CU/SM-004)

It’s second real hard experience with the MTR-3B and the trapped dipole antenna, made with pico traps, from Sotabeams. I used 8 AAA rechargeable NiMH 2450 mA batteries.

It work flawless!

I made 9 QSO in 34 min and…Ran away from there. Too cold and wet!

Thanks to all chasers. 🙂


From the car park to the trail




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