Windy, foggy, sunny S. Miguel Isl. CU/SM-004, Pico Bartolomeu

On March 16th, 2016, early in the morning, I activated the Sota ref CU/SM-004, Pico Bartolomeu.

The Azores Isl are beautiful, but been located in the middle of the Atlantic are subject to severe storms.

More than that, they are prone to quick weather change.

People use to say: In the Azores we have the 4 seasons in the same day!

And that’s true. 🙂

My pocket station

It’s my first real hard experience with the MTR-3B and the trapped dipole antenna, made with pico traps, from Sotabeams.

I used 8 AAA rechargeable NiMH 2450 mA batteries.

It work flawless!


15 QSO in 37 minutes, all 20 m band.

The short time on the summit was because of work and rough Wx.

Tnx fer all chasers!


Weather on the summit


On the descent






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