Cold and sunny. 2m disaster! CT/BA-002, Serra do Caramulo

The activation of CT/BA-002, Serra do Caramulo, happened on the morning of March 6th.

I get up early morning and by 9AM I parked the car at base of the mountain. The temp was 2 C. So I could expect some negative temperatures at the summit.

A nice walk took me to the summit. On the way to the top it was possible to see the outcome of the forest fires that ravaged the area last summer. Lots of burned trees, like masts, rising to the sky…That’s not a beautiful sight! 😦

The landscape at the summit is very nice. The view is awesome both north and south.
To the west is possible to have a glimpse of the atlantic shoreline.

The summit was icy but no rain: Sometimes a sun ray…
It’s winter time. That’s why we got bonus points!…

After choosing an old metal frame to attach the fishing pole, I take the end fed to the best anchor point that was possible to use: A rock beneath my position, almost out of the AZ!…

The end fed antenna worked flawlessly and 11 QSOs were made in the 40 m band, starting at 0947Z.

Some usual chasers showed up after spotting. Jose Carlos, CS7AFI, QRP, was one of the pleasant’s QSO. Weak and loud ! 🙂

At 1007Z QSY to 20m. Another 11 QSO in a row. The log includes 2 S2S QSO with Hans, HB9/PB2T/p (1489 km) and JAN, OK2PDT/p (2153 km).

Hans was running 2.5 W and Jan was running 1 W.  I’m running 3 W.

At 1030Z I decided to try the 2 m band.

I attached the antenna to a small tree, take the cable to the rig and then…Disaster!
The adaptor SMA-BNC dropped into a hole between the granite rocks. I tried to catch it without success!

Ahhhh. 😦 😦 😦

This weekend was the VHF /UHF contest. So, the chances of doing a CW/SSB QSO in the 2 m was huge. A missed opportunity!
But life it is what it is!

So, I started the descent in a more comfortable temperature especially on the sheltered parts of the mountain.
The temperature was 4 C when I got to the car.

I took off all climbing clothes out and drove to Aveiro to have lunch with family.

A very pleasant Sunday morning.

Thanks to all chasers!



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