Adele singing on CU/SM-002, Pico da Barrosa, S. Miguel Island, Azores !!!!

30JAN2016 PM

After the activation of CU/SM-001, Pico da Vara, I decide to change the initial plan and head to Pico da Barrosa (CU/SM-002), making a small detour for a work meeting. And to buy some alkaline batteries. On those last QSOs at CU/SM-001 the battery voltage became dangerously low…
The KX-1 tx started drifting…

This is an easy walk (550 m), the weather is fresh but otherwise ok.

I took a while to choose the best location to install the antenna.

After all, it was easy to install the antenna and… Let’s fire the radio on the 40 m band!

And Adele start singing very loud on the headphone “Hello from the other side…”.This come with a mix of morse signals…
Well…Change to 30m. Adele still singing loud, very loud!
20 m band. The morse signal seems to increased.

Then the commercials started. I became aware of what were the best deals at Lagoa city… ūüė¶

I thought to move to another location within the AZ but my time was short by now and maybe the plane do not wait for a delayed SOTA op…

So, 20 m will be “the band”…

I logged 14 QSOs in less than 30 min, taking only the powerful signals because of the local radio QRM.
Even though it was difficult to have readable signals…
Then the batteries (including the cheap alkalines ones) went down and my power (guess) was well under 1 w!

All QSOs made after 1543, starting with CT7AGT, were QRPp.

Nevertheless I manage to do a few more QSO, connecting the LiPo (external) and the alkaline batteries (internal) at the same time.
For instance, a QSO was logged with N4EX which was 4700 km away. Even if we know how effective are the QRP CW signals, it still amazed me!

I apologize to all chasers who contact me or tried to do so, because either I can’t hear them or my power is low.

On the next few days listen to Adele could drive me crazy!…


The lake view from a viewpoint on the ascent road – Lagoa do Fogo (Lake of Fire)


The summit view from a viewpoint on the ascent road


Close view of the summit


West view


This a landscape from a summit !!!! Lagoa do Fogo (Lake of Fire)


“Populated” summit


View to the North shoreline


The endless road (across the top)


Op position just before turning on the KX-1…To listen to Adele!

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