S. Miguel Island, Azores – CU/SM-001 Pico da Vara


The highest point in S. Miguel Isl (1104 m, 3622 ft).

A Natura 2000 site and a Special Protected Area: Beautiful!

A walking distance of  +1h45min to reach Pico da Vara, in a wet and cold weather.
The temperature drop to 6 C while climbing. A light wind was blowing and when exposed the temperature feel like 2 or 3 C.

The first third of the track was on a track over the peatbogs, with several small wood bridges across the Plateau of Graminhais.

Then comes the muddy track with some wooden steps on the most difficult places.

All the time I just saw 2 couples on the mountain.

In some places along the track it’s possible to have a view of north and south shoreline just by turning the head.

The wind at the trig was very cold and all the ground was wet. Because of luggage constrains (low cost airplane on the trip to S. Miguel) I hadn’t my full gear. So I could not sit me all the time!

The start was rough. I had very strong QRM (7 MHz, 1145Z) from EA5UF that were using too much bandwith (more than 5 KHz)…He his CQing over and over. A true alligator…

First QSO was with my neighbour in Lisbon Joao CT7ABE on 40m. Propagation was not that good, so I switched to 30 m and after 4 QSO I switch again for the 20 m band.
16 QSOs and to cover the distance to m

ainland (Lisbon) my signal traveled at least 1 500 Km!

The endfed performed well but the battery started to show low voltage. I forgot that I’m not using the MTR but the KX-1, which were the original plans … 11,5 V is too short for the KX-1!
That was a mistake that could cost me this activation!

After 45min at the summity I start the descent. The weather improved lightly and views were better than before.

My rented Smart was waiting for me to take me to the next summit, CU/SM-002 Pico da Barrosa, just after a work meeting and a stop at a local shop to buy alkaline batteries.

Enjoy the photos!

Pedro, CU3HF/p




CU SM 001 Map_fotos

Map from Azores trails


Trail start


Peatbogs track (East view)


Peatbogs track (West view)


Trails junction


landmark: Air France Crash 1949


View to Lombas (Povoação)


Landmark: Portugues Air Fore crash – 1943


North shore (Maia)


South Shore – Povoação


Wooden steps


Other summits (to East)


The view(and weather) from the summit


SOTA Shack! 🙂


Antenna farm at the summit


Ready to depart


On the descent – View to Southeast


On the descent – View to East


Explanation about this protected area


Explanation about this protected area


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