Windy activation – CT/BL018 – Serra de Porto de Mós

On the morning of the 25th Oct I activated CT/ES-018.
Nice walk to the summit, between forest at beginning of the dirt track and among small bushes near the summit.

Temp around 12 C and gale!

A lot of antennas at the summmit !!!!
I used the trig to attach the fishing pole which was a quick move.

Starting at 11h15 Z, in the 40 m band I managed 2 contacts with CT stations (CT1DRB and CT1GFQ).
Then I made a few calls on 28 MHz for which I had the reply of SP9AMH, PA1BR, OE6GND, OK1DVM and DL6CGC.

The wind were increasing so I wanted to leave ASAP…
For the grand final I switched to 20m band and made 16 QSOs.

Sometimes the wind was so strong that I cannot hear the morse signals, despite using a headset.

I called on 2 m FM/SSB/CW but no answer. Well, the antenna (5/8 mobile whip) was at the trig bottom… So zero answers was not a big surprise (because it’s 2m and because the antenna was so low)

Total QSO – 23

Heading for CT/BL-020…


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