Quiet afternoon activation – CT/BL-020, Serra da Pena de Águia

On the afternoon of the 25th Oct, after CT/BL-018 I decide to give a try to CT/BL-018, after CT/BL-020 activation.

So, I headed to this summit after a quick lunch.

Very nice walk on a smooth hill.

The AZ is very large because of the summit’s flatness.
I used the GPS (iphone…) to arrive at the right spot. (near a small pool)

The weather was very good and a rock wall was the best possibility to tie the fishing pole.
The other end of the end fed antenna was attached to the walking pole, stuck in the soil. And CW/QRP were on the air again !

I started on the 40m band (4 QSOs across europe), then switch to 10 m (8 QSOs to european countries and across the pond). To end this SOTA expedition I made 7 QSO on the 20 m band (EU + USA).

No 2 m calls on this summit.

I enjoyed the sunny afternoon a litle bit more before walk down the hill.

A nice quiet activation…



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