Nice and noisy place – CT/ES-001

photos below

Activation – 27Sept2015

The CT/ES-001, Serra de Montejunto, is located 60 km northeast of Lisbon, from where is possible to have a unique view of the coastline, the Tagus river and the interior of the country.

Just below the summit there is an ice factory, built in the eighteenth century and many other places of geological interest and historical.
Yes, people carry ice from here to the royal palace, in Lisbon, on that time!!!!!

Unfortunately, the CT/ES-001, Montejunto is useless to VHF (2m) due to RF pollution.
In fact, noise is 9+60db!!!! Several stations have heard my calls with signs 9+ but I was unable to listen their calls, either in CW, SSB or FM!

On the contrary, I was pleased to hear for the first time, a CT chasers pile-up, using CW, 40 m.

The first 5 contacts were with CT stations, which means that the spirit SOTA is moving forward in Portugal.

Another nice walk !




CT/ES-001, Montejunto from a distance (nice “toothpick” antenna farm at top, including 2 radar stations)

The ice factory and Air Force facility


View from the top



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