MTR 3 – Check !

Using 8 Ni-MH chargeable batteries and a MFJ tuner – borrowed by my neighbour João Fragoso, CT7ABE – I made QSOs with DL4ISX e EI7JK, both QRP stations.

I don’t know why we buy transceivers with so much features and buttons!!

From now on I will operate with the Elecraft KX-3, the Elecraft KX-1 and this one!

But this rig will be my pocket station (literaly) !

Now, i want to build a trap dipole for 20/30/40 (avoid ATU) because I don’t want to lower and erect the wire every time I want to change bands.

I bought pico traps from Sotabeams (
Each trap weight is less than 5 grams: It will be better than carry an ATU to the summits!!! 🙂

CW and QRP are awesome !


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