Safety comes first…CT/BL-002

Yesterday (25/11/2015), I had to do some work in the north.

Well…Serra da Lousã (CT/BL-002) was in my path (small detour) and the weather forecast stated a shining sun on the afternoon across the country…
So, I had also planned to activate also CT/BB-007 which is close to CT/BL-002.

On the road to the base point I had the chance to take some pictures of the wild boars that are living in this “Serra”.
A nice view but also a dangerous one!

The arrival to the start of the track that I had chosen was 1.5 h late than expected and the weather was rough: Rainy, cold and very very windy!!!

While climbing a herd of deers appeared and show off for a couple of seconds before “flying” over the forest… No time to take pictures!

In the summit the weather conditions were very very adverse. The wind is roaring like a mix of an helicopter and a big truck. The end fed was erected very quickly and the outside wall of a PT building was used as a shelter.


The temperature dropped to a 1C and I it was not possible to see a comms tower 25 m away. I just saw it when fixing the antenna wire to a bush.

A white landscape was all my view!
This is a picture taken from my operating position…Can hardly see the tower in the middle

Starting at 1616, I managed 7 CW QSOs in 15 minutes on 30 m band (QRS…)

At 1630 I decide to pack up and descend because conditions were deteriorating. :worried:
Sorry for the chasers that are calling (small pileup) bu safety should come always first…

Also I decide to not go to try CT/BB-007 for the same safety reasons.

The descent was a “no story” walk with very strong gusts, pouring rain and moisture.
After 25 minutes walk I arrived to the car, change clothes which was a confortable sensation. :smile:
My thoughts are:

This will be a beautiful place to hike in the summer ! I will be back!

Thanks to the chasers,
73 de Pedro CT1DBS


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