CT/DL-001 Serra do Marão, Portugal – 15th Oct – Just after work!

Taking advantage of a passing by and the very good access to the summit, I decided to activate CT/DL-001, Serra do Marão (10 pointer). XYL suggestion, btw… :smile:
The sun accompanied the climb (a short walk), 2.5 hours before sunset. The temperature is falling, showing that we are in the autumn…

A beautiful landscape, and the views at the top are breathtaking…
Some nice QSOs at 40, 30 and 20 m (CW).
Before descending, I called 2 m (CW, SSB and FM) several times, zero QSOs logged.
Very curious – and pleasant – it’s the number of CT’s stations who were logged.
I was greeted by a flock of sheep, while on the summit. The flock invaded the summit but no casualties on the equipment…
The sheeps do not bother me, but manipulating the key with gloves on is more difficult than I imagined. :sweat:

Leaving the summit at dusk, with the temperature already below 9C, I returned to the car, parked 500m away.

It was good activation and the next will be even better!

Using the machine tripod and the timer – a picture is worth a thousand words – here are some photos.
Thanks to all the “SOTA chasers”

Vy 73

Pedro, CT1DBS

The trig point

Some antennas near the top


SOTA activation

Nightfall, time to descend…


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